Which homeschool curriculum is best for our family?

Wow. Great question. The best homeschool curriculum certainly depends on a lot of factors. For instance; the amount of money you have available, the amount of time you want to spend on each subject, which subjects you desire to study, the number of children you have, etc. It can be overwhelming on both time & finances to review your options. That is exactly why the Christian Curriculum Library was put together in Orange County, California.

Our goal is to be a benefit to the homeschooling community in Orange County, California. To offer a library (also known as our garage)filled with thousands of gently used books to be reviewed on site or borrowed for up to one year at NO CHARGE.

We offer a variety of resources from textbooks and workbooks to readers and reference books. They range from preschool through high school levels. We have single subjects like math, literature, spelling, Bible, etc., as well as complete curriculum packages. Some of the items are personally compiled studies and ideas. But, most are from publishers like: Abeka, Alpha Omega, Bob Jones Univ., Konos, Sonlight, etc.

The majority of information is Christian based.

All items are donated.